Description Requirements for Product or Service
    Requirements for the Description of Products & Services
    • 1.In the title of the ad should be only the name of the product or service, the product model and important parameters, everything else should be indicated in the description.
    • 2.The title and description of the ad must correspond to the product or service depicted on the photos.
    • 3.Do not enter any contact information in the title and description of the ad, such as: name, surname, nickname, address, website address, as well as other contact details, phone number, Skype, Viber or other means of communication. There are other relevant sections for this.
    • 4.Take enough time to describe the characteristics and quality of your product or service. They need to be described in such a way that it seems attractive, but you only need to provide reliable information.
    • 5.The title of the ad prohibits the unreasonable use of words that attract the buyer's attention, for example: "Urgent", "Sell", "Attention", "Action", "Cheap", "Discounts", "Gift" and so on.
    • 6.In the title and description it is forbidden to use words that are not related to the essence of the ad in order to promote the ad in the search.
    • 7.In the "Price" field, the real or minimum acceptable price for a product or service should be indicated. Use the words in the description like "Negotiable" or "Bargain" without specifying the price is not allowed. In the event that the product are given away for nothing, it is necessary to put the value 0. Cost 0 for services is not allowed.
    • 8.The description in the ad can contain up to 2000 characters.

    Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking ads or the User's account.

    Additional requirements for the description of the product or service, see: General requirements for the placement of ads Requirements for ads in the Services category